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Relaxing Tours

Thinking of Lanyang Plain, the rich agricultural lands and green fields naturally comes to the mind. But if you have the time to stay here for a while, you will be surprised to find very different sceneries scattered on this plain. Exploring unique delicacies, digging into the cultures, or, just strolling in the lanes, whatever you do, you can always find your style of a trip in this plain.

Brick Ark Museum

Asia’s first building block museum has more than a million of building blocks and over a thousand block collections from the manufacturing and works by renowned U.S. Lego masters. The highlight of the collections: the world’s longest painting made of blocks – Along the River During the Qingming Festival!


Central Park

Located in the Yilan County Government Park, it is sketched with rivers, red brick columns, arch bridge and a cone-shape artwork symbolizing the Turtle Island to provide children a place to casually explore on the big green lawn. And every year during the Christmas season when the lights are lit, the holiday spirit fills the park with winter joyfulness.


TAVOLA Pizzeria

Hidden in the residential area of the County Government Park, Tovola pizzeria welcomes guests with bright yellow walls and simple and modern furnishings. It is said to serve the best pizzas in Yilan – a wide range of pizzas to choose from, smooth and chewy crusts with rich and fresh ingredients on top. This is a place you have to visit when coming to Yilan to check out the 5-star review on the Internet.


Yilan Literary Museum

Built with Japanese architectural style, the Yilan Literary Museum preserved the original residential structure layout of the agricultural school’s principal. The serene atmosphere in the museum brings peacefulness to the mind. Visitors can let go of the haste of everyday life and read the literary works from Lanyang, immersing themselves in the world of books.


toyilan: Ceramic Wares Workshop

This space on Huanhe E. Road in Yilan City is essentially a pottery studio, providing a pottery-fun workshop, fermentation room and a study room. toyilan combines pottery aesthetics, home-baked coffee, and hand-made desserts to give artists a platform to exchange ideas through pottery, as well as to provide visitors a fun experience to make potteries themselves.

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