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Lakeshore’s Level-up Guarding Against the COVID-19 Outbreak Situation

Lakeshore Group’s Comprehensive Level-up Epidemic Prevention to Safeguard the  Health and Safety of Each and Every Traveler and Employee

Lakeshore Promises Safe-Stay Hotel

24-hour Epidemic Prevention

■ Disinfectant for the entire hotel: the entire hotel is disinfected and cleaned with Chlorine Dioxide, a disinfectant of A1 level certified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

■ Alcohol disinfectant setup: lobby entrances, ground floor elevator entrance and parking lot elevator entrance.

■ Chlorine Dioxide Ultrasonic Atomizing Disinfector: set up at main public areas with daily scheduled disinfection.

■ Regular daily disinfection: the lobby counter, public areas/facilities/toilets, elevators, handrails, handles, telephones and other regional equipment.

■ Guest Room Epidemic Prevention Measures:

– All cloths and fabrics in the guest rooms undergo a complete high-temperature washing process, and disinfection operations are enhanced for baby and children’s spare items.

– After the standard cleaning process, the Chlorine Dioxide is used for wiping to sterilize the areas with high-frequency use.

■ The Restaurants Epidemic Prevention Measures:

– In addition to the regular daily cleaning disinfection, a large-scale disinfection is carried out twice a month.

– All tableware is sterilized at high temperature before being used by guests.

– Buffets provide disposable gloves for guests to use when taking the food.


Full Implementation and Service

■ First-line service staff and logistic unit staff are required to wear a face mask at all times and clean and sterilize their hands before duty.

■ All staff and collaborating vendors entering or leaving the Hotel/restaurant are required to strictly wear a face mask, clean and sterilize their hands.


The Lakeshore Group expects that our guests note your own or your relatives’ and friends’ physical changes, clean and sterilize your hands. In case of physical discomfort while in the Hotel, please immediately notify the front desk personnel who will provide immediate assistance.


Refer to the following platforms for the latest updates and announcements on the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak:

■ Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s Website:

■ Centers for Disease Control’s LINE Official Account: Disease Manager

■ Call the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s epidemic prevention hotline: 1922

■ Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Website:

■ Ministry of Health and Welfare’s LINE Official Account: Ministry of Health and Welfare

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