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Sunrise Canoe

Wake up! Don’t sleep through your holiday fun!

The voyage of paddling at sea is a challenge to the mind and stamina.
Let’s take off to Doufu Cape before the sunrise and chase the first ray of the sun on the sea!


This tour is 4 hours long

Itinerary : Gather at Nanfanao Fishing Culture Center→ Take off to Doufu Cape → QuaQautBi → Take a rest at Pirate’s Cove → Back to Doufu Cape

Travel distance from the Hotel : About 30 minutes drive from Lakeshore Yilan

Minimum number of participants : 6

Fees : NT$1,500 per person. For child age 3 to 7 who do not take an extra seat : NT$750 per person

Age restriction : Must be 3 years old or above

Suggested clothing : long-sleeves, dry-easy, sun-protection top and trousers
Sports shoes or aqua shoes that cover the toes. It is not recommended to wear flip-flops or barefooted

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